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Baltimore Karaoke FAQ

About Us: Baltimore Karaoke

Baltimore Karaoke


Baltimore Karaoke is a DeSantis Entertainment Site is a Baltimore based Karaoke service that spans throughout Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

We’re known for Events That Create Lasting Memories!

Here are a few main questions we receive from our clients all the time on what makes for a great Karaoke event and below we want to share with you the questions and answers we put together that people want to know…

Q. What makes a great Karaoke Event?

A. Baltimore Karaoke: The best songs that fit the mood and theme plus having a great emcee to keep the crowd involved.

Also have a wide selection of music with great sounding karaoke equipment.

Q. How much music should the karaoke DJ have available at the show?

A. Baltimore Karaoke: At least 3000 songs or more.

Q. What type of music works best at a karaoke show?

A. Baltimore Karaoke: Just about any music can work well but here’s a handful of crowd pleasers we have come to know
from performing many Baltimore Karaoke events:

* Mainstream Rock

* Modern and Alternative Rock

* R&B and Soul

* Oldies

* Religious

* Current Pop

* Standards and Big Band

* Showtunes

* Urban and Rap

* Classic Rock

You can’t go wrong with such a wide selection of music!

We carry over 10,000 titles, enough to please any singer at any event!

For more information contact us today at: 410-828-9168

Baltimore Karaoke Rocks For You!