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Baltimore Karaoke

People love karaoke and many of them love to attend Baltimore Karaoke events all year around. In Baltimore and the surrounding areas an exciting DJ entertainment company people look to for a great time is, DeSantis Entertainment’s official Baltimore Karaoke website.

Are you planning a musical event and looking for something different and fun? Why not be the next Lady GAGA, Usher, Katy Perry, Frank Sinatra or any artist you like by choosing , us to host an exciting Baltimore Karaoke party for you and your guests. 

NOTICE: Baltimore Karaoke does not rent out karaoke equipment or karaoke music.
We bring the music and equipment out to Weddings, Corporate Events, Sweet Sixteen’s
and other private parties and we are the karaoke hosts.
Baltimore Karaoke

Celebrating Music Through Karaoke …

We provide professional DJ services throughout Maryland including Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick and Rockville. We also travel outside of Maryland servicing areas in Pennsylvania like: York , Lancaster and Gettysburg as well as Washington D.C.

If you’re looking to put on a Baltimore Karaoke event, We bring you great singing entertainment for all types of events including Wedding Receptions, Sweet 16 Parties, Reunions, Fundraisers, Corporate functions and Bull Roasts, alike.

Baltimore Karaoke has many satisfied clients among them… UMBC, Towson University, The World Bank, Iron Workers Union, General Electric, Potomac & Chesapeake Association for College Counseling, Wild Duck Cafe, Harvey’s Pub, the Greene Turtle and new happy clients are discovering us all the time.

We offer you thousands of song titles with several wireless microphones that can handle just about any karaoke crowd. Our professional grade karaoke equipment and experienced Baltimore’s Best karaoke hosts will emcee your next Baltimore Karaoke event as well as any events in Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Contact us today to book your event! Just call us at: 410-828-9168410-828-9168

There are many reasons why people love to sing and enjoy Baltimore Karaoke get-togethers and events. It doesn’t matter if they’re not the world’s perfect singer because people just love to sing and whenever they do, others are there to listen for a memorable good time and even join in!

Our client’s simply enjoy participating in a Baltimore Karaoke sing-out full of fun with the kind of good times our karaoke service will provide.

If you like hearing all the great songs and the memories that come along with them, a Baltimore Karaoke event is perfect for you!

More reasons why people love singing at Baltimore Karaoke establishments is that it’s an expression of their dreams of being like a superstar… even if just for the moment.

Singing at such an event is exhilarating for not only the karaoke singer but also the crowd too! Everyone feels great and a part of the experience at any of our Baltimore Karaoke events where your dreams can come true even if it’s just for the evening!

The songs you love will be featured with our emcee who will encourage your crowd to sing and have the best time ever along with friends, families and co-workers.

Our Baltimore Karaoke events will go a long way to make sure you have a memorable evening to experience and look back on. And even if you have an afternoon event, no problem, we’ll be there whenever you need us. We’ll show up on time and set up transparent to getting your event prepared for your Wedding Reception, Sweet 16 Parties, Reunion, Fundraiser, Corporate function or Bull Roast!
our karaoke service won’t let you down!

Our number one goal is to put on a great performance for you and your crowd. So don’t be surprised when they come back to tell you it’s one of the best events they’ve ever attended!
No Kidding, we hear that all the time…

That’s why you should book your next Baltimore Karaoke event with us!

Contact Call us today to book your event! Just call: 410-828-9168410-828-9168

Or Visit us at our Google+ Page!

Let your family, friends or co-workers sing to their heart’s content while your audience smiles and dances the night away. If you want to put on a great time full of personality that people will always remember, let us be your top choice in karaoke entertainment because you can depend on us just like our happy clients and customers have through the years.

When people sing at a Baltimore Karaoke party or event of any kind, put on by us, the response is always entertaining and full of fun!

Your audience will applaud, smile, laugh and even-sing along as the stimulation will lift their moods as well as their self esteem. With American Idol you have people everywhere wanting to get in on the act and at our events you will feel rewarded by putting on such a fun fulfilling time for your Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, Receptions for family, corporate event of any kind.

Of course you want to be sure when you put on an event that the people attending enjoy themselves. So if you want to feel a true sense of accomplishment that your event is well-received, just wait till your audience shows their approval after one or our performances that you put on. We will entertain as well as amuse your friends, family or co-workers, and your Baltimore Karaoke event will be a true all-round success!

Many people participate in karaoke from businessmen to everyone both young and old alike having a great time during Baltimore Karaoke events. A business can use karaoke for any almost any event especially ones that includes fun and where warming up the audience is important and one of our specialties.

These events can be used to encourage collaborations, inspire and build stronger communications at the corporate / co-worker level or even to better the community establishments they wish to effect. Entertainment goes a long way in bringing people together and we’re here to help assist you in any way to better reach your event goals.

Karaoke, is even a great way to break the ice at corporate events so business can go more smooth while being out of the office environment.

There’s no doubt that Baltimore Karaoke events can be quite fun and entertaining. So when it’s your turn to put on a great event we’ll be there for you. If you want to put on an event where everyone loves to listen to the other people’s renditions of well-known loved songs… whether they sing great or even a little sour… you’ll find that a Baltimore Karaoke party or event is a real winner for any type of occasion.

Baltimore Karaoke will help you create lasting memories bringing together for a good time and memorable moments, for business or for pleasure!

Contact us today to book your Baltimore Karaoke event or in any area of Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia that we cover.
Call us at: 410-828-9168410-828-9168

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Baltimore Karaoke offers the latest In Christian, Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship music in Karaoke and standard audio CD format. Some of our many artists include Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Newsboys, Third Day and many many more. All positive and uplifting lyrics, family friendly to serve and celebrate HIM. We service church and school events, Religious retreats and other special events.

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* Baltimore Karaoke features easy listening!

* Baltimore Karaoke plays ANYTHING you want to sing your heart out to!

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