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I had the pleasure of hosting a Corporate Event recently that included games, karaoke and party music. The object of the games for the employees was to build team loyalty and cooperation with a touch of competition. My job was to provide music for the players while they performed the contests. The owners of the company were very pleased that I took the time and effort to find and play songs that were related to the event, such as Magic Carpet Ride and Red Solo Cup. I also encouraged the owners of the company to use one of my wireless microphones to explain and run the games. The owners hosting the games created a bonding between them (Owners) and the employees that would not have been possible if I had been running the games.

In addition to the physical games we also had a karaoke game called “finish the lyrics” the object of this game was for me to play 30 to 45 seconds of a song then cut it off. The contestants had one minute to write down the lyrics that they could remember and then they had to sing the song karaoke style on my TV monitor to see how much of the lyrics they got right! It was loads of corporate fun and entertainment!

So if you are planning a Corporate party feel free to contact Baltimore Karaoke at: 410-828-9168 or Text To: 443.790.7100 for further information and date availability. Please review the videos below and click on the link to my Youtube channel for more videos of other events.

Corporate Team Building Event 
Employee Party
Corporate Party with music and karaoke featuring team building games