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  1. Pick a song that you know, something that you might sing in the shower or in your car. Baltimore Karaoke suggests that singing a song that you already know the melody or words to will make it easier for you to sing.
  2. Baltimore Karaoke suggests that you don’t sing a song out of your range. Better to sing a song in your range to prevent voice strain.
  3. Stand up tall and straight when singing, Baltimore Karaoke knows from experience that this approach will give you greater stage presence and better overall performance.
  4. Think about what you are singing….Baltimore Karaoke suggests that you project the appropriate emotion for the song.
  5. Act confidently when on “Stage” it will help in your voice projection
  6. Baltimore Karaoke always recommends holding the microphone at a distance from your mouth that does not distort your singing and at the same time is not so far away from your mouth that you have to strain for your words to be heard.
  7. Baltimore Karaoke realizes that it can be hard to stand in front of a group of strangers and sing. Remember this is just for fun, keep if fun and the audience will have fun as well.
  8. Baltimore Karaoke would always tell singers to be relaxed when going on stage, take deep, full, breaths, and concentrate on the song, not the audience.
  9. Try to practice the song at home with a karaoke music program….this practice will make you feel more confident at a Baltimore Karaoke event.
  10. In conclusion, you the singer will be a better singer at a Baltimore Karaoke Wedding, Corporate, Sweet Sixteen, other private parties and bars and taverns if you follow the tips outlined in this Baltimore Karaoke Singing Tips Post.