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Establishments who use KJ Hosts (Karaoke Jocks) or are planning to hire one should always ask the KJ the following questions: Brought to you by Baltimore Karaoke.

1) How much do you sing?:  Although it can add some fun to the mix, you don’t want a KJ that will be hogging the show by singing every chance they get.  This is a turn-off to customers who are waiting their turn. If you have a KJ with an outstanding voice who is singing all of the time this can also be intimidating for the average singer.

2) Will you promote my establishment?  Will your KJ Host talk up your establishment’s food and drink specials and any other entertainment you might offer? Does your KJ Host have a business FaceBook page or MD Party page or a web site to promote your place?

3) Do you have professional music equipment as well as back up equipment?  Does your KJ have the right size equipment for the square footage of your place? Does the KJ have a back up amplifier or mixer if the main system malfunctions? No quicker way to end your Karaoke night then when the equipment stops working!

4) Where do you get your Karaoke music?  Many KJ’s now use computers to play the music. Some copy hard drives from other sources that are illegal under the copyright protection act and can put the KJ Host and the owner of the establishment into legal hot water if discovered by one of the regulatory agencies such as the RIAA.

5)Does you KJ act as a professional so as not to bring discredit to your place?  Does your KJ Host drink to excess and become rude to your guests? This is another quick killer for your Karaoke night.

6)Does your KJ Host keep up on new music? Of course it’s not practical to try to buy every new song that comes out every month but the KJ Host should have a good representation of new music and should always try to have any new songs patrons have asked for by the following week.

7)Does your KJ Host abide by the Rotation method?  If you KJ Host bumps people ahead of other singers for money or friendship you can kiss your night goodbye!

8)Is there “dead air” between singers? Your establishment probably has an in house music system that is always on except when you have outside entertainment performing. Imagine when your in house system stops working for some reason…the whole place gets sooo quiet and the party feeling then fades. Same thing if there is no ‘bumper” music playing between the time one singer finishes and the next singer starts. Does you KJ Host provide bumper music?

I hope this has helped you when it’s time to find or replace a KJ Host. In an upcoming blog I will discuss more about hiring a KJ for your club, brought to you by Baltimore Karaoke singing and musical entertainment.

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